Keep on the Borderlands

Patchwell 604 CY


The players:

Olo Hobbit Fighter Cleric

Drus Human Magic-User

Yarex Human Assassin

Dandy Hobbit Thief

Andres Hobbit Thief

Beaumont Human Fighter

Grimshaw the Dwarf Fighter

Black Xul the Human Magic-User


Session 1

After making it to Restwell Keep the group takes on a job to dispatch a group of bandits


Session 2

A chance meeting with a Ranger of the South named Strider the group takes on a job to investigate the Caves of Chaos. 


Session 3

The Caves of Chaos are revisited by Drus, Olo and Yarex. Olo is killed. Enter the great Human Fighter Beaumont.


Session 4

Patchwell 27

604 CY


Black Xul and Grimshaw join the party and they all head to the caves of chaoes.

They enter the Kobolds cave and get pushed back. Black Xul falls.

They go back to Restwell and hire new hands. Ressurect Xul.


Patchwell 28

Beaumont gets bit by rats. Push further into the Kobold Lair.

Back to Restwell to heal up


Ready-Rest 1

Hire more henchmen (5)

Head back out of the cave and finally clear the Kobold Lair.

Level Up.

Go back to Restwell to raise Black Xul.