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Maps of Verbobonc

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Coins of Verbobonc

  1. 4d6 drop straight as character sheet listing (sub 2 for 1)
  2. Max HP at 1st level
  3. Age as DMG p.13 (Additional: 46% chance to add 1d20 years for humans)
  4. Psionics (as PH)
  5. Any Race (Verbobonc is a city primarily of Humans, Gnomes)
  6. Participation XP = 100, Wounds/Hits = X5, other special (ask DM to explain)
  7. Classes:
    • All PH except LG Paladin
    • No UA
    • Dragon Magazine Classes (DMs ruling)
      • Approved: Welsh Bard (Dragon #56), Archer, Cloistered Cleric (Dragon #68), A plethora of paladins (Dragon #106)
      • Abilities for Rangers (Dragon #106) DM's Discretion
    • OA = Monk only (Eastern)
  8. Languages Available:
    • Common
    • Hobbit, Gnome, Dwarf
    • Orc, Goblin, Bugbear , Hobgoblin
    • No Alignment languages
  9. Alignment (any except CE)
  10. Ability score progression at levels 4/8/12 per ability check (ask DM to explain)
  11. Starting gold as PH p.35 (divided by 2)
  12. Social Class (65% Lower / 30% Middle / 5% Upper)
  13. Most players will be influenced and/or members of "The Brass Rings" (see below)
  14. Thieves abilities progression (house-ruled if dex is 16 over (ask DM to explain)
  15. Reputation stat rules (ask DM to explain)
  16. Read / Write common language. Int x 12 = % chance

Some facts:

  1. Verbobonc fell in 600 CY with the destruction of the last defense (Lanced Battalion) and the death of Kennus.
  2. Verbobonc has been ruled by the evil tyrant Podrick.
  3. No weapon is allowed to be carried within the city (punishable by death).
  4. A strict curfew is in place.
  5. A organized resistance called "The Brass Rings" has been operating within the city walls in open rebellion against the tyrant rule. The faction is formed of: acoyltes of St. Cuthbert, followers of Olidammara, members of the Scarlet Guild (local thieves / assassins guild), and Rangers of the Gnarly Wood (Rangers of the South). Safe houses and ambushes are marked by a "O". Members use a brass ring (of a sort) as the primary identifier.